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Talamex 'Covi' Boat Cover L- XXL

Talamex 'Covi' Boat Cover L- XXL

Product Features:

 Talamex BOAT COVER 


(Sizes are approximate; please measure your boat before buying)

Both UV Resistant & Water Resistant .

Please note this is a generic cover not meant for over arches, frames etc. For this you need a cover designed specifically for your boat.

We have this cover on our own boat & recommend it.

Colour: Silver Grey

Covers made of extra strong polyester with aluminium coating.
Equipped with D-rings for easy attachment.
UV resistant.
Color: silvergrey (XXL in NAVY).

Also included in the pack is a good length of high strength braided rope to secure the cover through the D rings.

Available in 6 sizes

XXS  427 – 488 cm 14Ft to 16Ft Long X Maximum width of 180cm 5Ft 10” wide            

XS   427 – 488 cm 14Ft to 16Ft Long X Maximum width of 229cm 7Ft 6” wide                

  S   488 – 564 cm 16Ft to 18Ft 6” Long X Maximum width of 239cm 7Ft 10” wide          

  M   518 – 579 cm 16Ft 11” to 18Ft 11” Long X Maximum width of 244cm 8Ft wide        

   L   550 – 610 cm 18Ft to 20Ft Long X Maximum width of 265cm 8Ft 8” wide                  

 XL 580 – 650 cm 19Ft to 21Ft 3” Long X Maximum width of 295cm 9Ft 8” wide             

 XXL 630 – 710 cm 20Ft 8”to 23Ft 5” Long X Maximum width of 380cm 12Ft 5” wide     


If you are interested in a size shown here and would like to know carriage costs please phone 01803211854 or email and we will do what we can to help.


We are a small 2 person business.


These covers are bought in as customers request them.


We aren't able to keep a stock of them.


They take 2-3 weeks to arrive when ordered out of season. 


Please ring us up and talk to us. 


We will do our best to supply your needs.



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